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How Gameboard Won Over US Gamers and Secured $8 Million with Digirockstars' Expertise

Discover how Digirockstars ignited demand for an $800 tabletop gaming console, sold over 1,000 units, and create a 22,000 waitlist, and helped Gameboard secure $8 million in capital.


Gameboard is a groundbreaking tabletop gaming system that seamlessly blends the tactile and interpersonal joy of physical games with the vast connectivity of digital content and online communities.

At its core, Gameboard is a social gaming console designed to unite players. It fosters a vibrant community of gamers who cherish playing together, creating shared experiences and lasting connections.

Board game / Video game

United States

Seed stage startup

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How to Fuel the Gameboard Revolution

Gameboard aims to revolutionize the tabletop gaming industry by introducing their innovative gaming console to the US market. As a tech startup, they require venture capital to thrive. Our mission? Pre-sell 1,000 Gameboards to secure funding for a crucial seed round.

Gameboard, priced at $799 with an additional $15/month subscription, offers a groundbreaking blend of tactile and digital gaming experiences. However, at this price point, consumers might compare it to established giants like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, or even opt for traditional board games available on Amazon. With no major gaming titles yet, this seems like a daunting mission for Gameboard.

How could we convince the US market to invest in a premium console with a monthly subscription?


Gameboard Brings People Together

In a time when loneliness in the US is reaching epidemic levels, people are yearning for social interaction. We positioned Gameboard as the perfect solution, creating a narrative where Gameboard not only entertains but also brings people together, combating loneliness. When you sell emotions, price fades away. People act on desire, not logic, making them willing to pay more for the emotional connection the brand offers.

Recognizing that Gameboard’s premium price tag would require a more nuanced sales approach, we opted for a strategy that drives potential customers to join a waitlist. Through highly engaging emails and SMS campaigns, we converted these leads into reservations, building anticipation and commitment before the product even hit the market.


Breaking It Down to 3 Stages

Stage 1: Sparking Interest

We initiated targeted paid media and influencer campaigns to generate broad awareness and direct prospects to our waitlist. By leveraging initial engagement tactics, we cast a wide net to capture interest.

Stage 2: Engagement and Commitment

We nurtured waitlist signees with tailored email flows, highlighting the unique benefits of Gameboard. Through strategic retargeting, we kept Gameboard top-of-mind, encouraging micro-interactions and ultimately securing reservation commitments of $99 to $199. This strategic price point facilitated easier customer conversion.

Stage 3: Reservation to Purchase

In this phase, we incentivized the shift from reservation to full purchase with limited-time discounts, creating a sense of urgency due to the limited production of Gameboard. Utilizing the high conversion efficiency of email and SMS marketing, we targeted engaged reservation holders without incurring additional marketing costs.

Bonus Stage: Creating Lookalikes

By analyzing our customer base and engagement metrics, we created lookalike audiences to replicate our success. We applied proven marketing strategies to these similar prospects, expanding our reach and effectiveness.

Remarkable Outcomes from Our 2022 - 2023 Marketing Initiatives:


Gameboards sold across the US, with 600+ already delivered to customers.


Blended customer acqusition cost, with a 3.0 ROAS.


Waitlist built, with a high average email engagement rate of 58%.

$8 million+

Through the strategic efforts of Digirockstars, Gameboard successfully raised over $8 million. 

My experience with Digirockstars has been stellar. Their team of digital marketing experts not only embodies their name but elevates it, blending expertise, passion, and creativity to transform your digital presence. They offer more than just round-the-clock dedication; they deliver real value to every aspect of your marketing budget. Choosing Digirockstars means partnering with a powerhouse that drives your brand towards success with unmatched precision and flair. They're not just a service; they're your catalyst for transformation.
Lee Allentuck
Head of Content - Strategic Partnerships at Last Gameboard



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